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Indian Journal of Democratic Governance (IJDG) is, a bi-annual academic journal. It strives to bring out empirical and conceptual clarity on social issues and challenges from the lens of Governance. IJDG seeks to enhance understanding of the democratic governance through the integration of applied knowledge base, empirical evidence and innovative practices to contribute to the planning and implementation of suitable measures for national and regional development and policy formulation at different levels. The main priority of the Journal is to unveil indigenous and modern approaches to governance to create a space for assimilating in accordance with the current trends that leads to sustainability in all spheres of human life. IJDG follows a double-blind peer review system, which engages contributors at every stage through a dialogic process for quality publication. Guidelines for the contributor can be traced on the overleaf page of the previous issue.

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Established in 1982, RMP is a unique Training and Research Academy, primarily aimed at enhancing the capabilities of voluntary activists and elected representatives of the people.

RMP has an excellent state-of-the-art training facility spread over 15 acres of land on the outskirts of Mumbai, known as Knowledge Excellence Centre (KEC). RMP-KEC will be the host campus for the PGD course being conducted by IIDL.

Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership



Democracy in particular, and politics in general are the two significant areas of public life where capacity building mechanisms are not just absent but perhaps, not very seriously thought of. Most officials and employees almost mandatorily undergo some training, but those from whom the officials are supposed to take orders, are believed to be born knowledgeable and skilled to govern. It is also taken for granted that they are working for a cause too. This presupposition is not only grossly wrong but also is a potential threat to effective implementation of the concepts like welfare state and development administration